About Us

Maybe it’s because my mother was a beautician, that most of my career has been spent in marketing and general management with some great beauty companies, such as Neutrogena, Revlon and particularly Vidal Sassoon, where I learned a lot about hair care and about what works and what doesn’t work from Vidal himself.


So after years of watching competitive hair care companies put out the same old products with the same old ingredients that weren’t solving common hair problems, I knew I could do better. After researching and studying hair care and ingredients, it was clear to me that natural ingredients would really be highly effective without any of the negative problems that occur with synthetics that are so commonly used in the industry.

I left Corporate America to build my own natural hair care line that would honestly help remove problems and improve the healthy quality of life for your hair. By working with the most effective ingredients from Nature’s arsenal I created, NATU hair care.

The key ingredients of NATU are natural-born proteins, lipids, nutrients and vitamins that match up and mirror nature’s most essential building blocks for hair. So no matter what you do to your hair, NATU will resolve any hair problem you have. NATURALLY! That’s the beauty of NATU.

Steve Krawczyk

NATU Founder